Ashton Kutcher is a sexy dad
Colleen Lindstrom

Ashton Kutcher is a sexy dad

Ashton Kutcher

I suppose it doesn’t take much to be a sexy dad when you’re Ashton Kutcher. But a simple gesture made him yet sexier.

Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook with outrage that more men’s rooms don’t have changing tables. Listen, moms have been beating this drum for years. As a result, it’s always mom’s job to get up in the middle of dinner out to change the baby. Then we return to the table and our dinner is cold, again. I may have some residual baby bitterness.

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher realized this injustice, and used his voice for good:

Thank you Ashton Kutcher. You just upped your sexy dad quotient with one Facebook post. Congrats.



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