Ashton Kutcher is the best son in the world
Colleen Lindstrom

Ashton Kutcher is the best son in the world

Moms, we have one goal. To raise our boys to be just like Ashton Kutcher.

For Mother’s Day, Ashton Kutcher (who is new dad to a 7 month old) used the new house remodeling app Houzz (which, incidentally, the actor has invested in) to remodel his childhood home in Iowa for his mom.

He said of the project, “It’s a house I helped build with my stepdad [Mark] when I was 13 but these days we’ve all moved out and kind of outgrown the space. I just had a daughter [Wyatt], my sister just had a new son and I want to make it fit for the next generation.”

All together now… “Awwwww.”

If money were no object, what would you do to tell YOUR mom how much you love her?




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