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Austin Butler calls BAFTA Film Awards ‘a bittersweet time’ after Lisa Marie Presley’s death

BAFTA Nominees Party
Austin Butler

After winning Best Actor at the BAFTA Film Awards, Austin Butler paid tribute to Lisa Marie Presley.

The Elvis star spoke in the winners’ press room after winning Best Actor at the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday night.

While speaking to the media about his win, Austin honoured the late Lisa Marie Presley – daughter of Elvis Presley, whom the actor depicted in the award-winning film.

Lisa died after suffering a cardiac arrest on 12 January 2023 in her Calabasas home.

“It’s been a really unimaginably tragic time, you know, and grief is a long process,” Austin recalled of Lisa’s death. “And so my heart and my love was with (the Presley family) always. I feel honoured to have been welcomed into the family.”

He added, “It’s a bittersweet time.”

Austin also gushed about being cast in the Elvis biopic, for which he won the Best Actor award.

“How lucky I was to get to have that experience,” he commented. “The feeling of standing on an international stage and looking out and looking down at the jumpsuit that I was wearing and realising there were certain moments where I was seeing the closest thing to what Elvis would have seen during his ’68 Special or whatever that was and I miss it a lot.”

He added, “I miss that experience.”

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