Monday March 22nd

Man climbs into elephant enclosure with baby Guardian article on why bands are an endangered species Someone walks into Johnny Depp’s house and did this Walkaway Joe music video

Friday March 19th

Baby bottle iced coffee craze for adults Demi Lovato says she is not sober Rob Lowe-Side by Side pics-at age 18 and age 57  Chimps watch other chimps on a…

Thursday March 18th

Nick Jonas This is Heaven video Remember Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines? Dolly Parton gets an  ice cream flavor Billie Eilish has new hairstyle Funny bit on using your old…

Wednesday March 17th

Good News for Dudes with Dad Bods Why it’s St PADDY’s Day, Not St PATTY’s Day Eeek-Drew Barrymore walks streets of NYC barefoot Woman buys Ed Sheeran painting for $27…

Tuesday March 16th

Check out this drone video of Mann Theater! Sweet story about two neighbors who duet on piano through walls The Go Go’s documentary trailer Pizza Hut has something fun for…

Monday March 15th

Complete list of Academy Awards nominations Academy Awards snubs Guy does impression of Sebastian Manascalco There’s a link between DNA and marriage satisfaction

Friday March 12th

Gwen Stefani has a new song “Slow Clap” Scientists are building sperm banks on the moon Here’s a hack for getting a free hotel upgrade

Thursday March 11th

Minneapolis cinematographer gets lots of attention for this video Seth Rogen is designing pottery Real House wife of NY accidentally posts banking info Carol Radziwell’s couch-before and after  

Wednesday March 10th

Lady GaGa and Adam Driver in character for their new movie Ryan Tedder’s Master Class on Song writing The catchiest advertising jingles of all time A study determines the funniest…

Tuesday March 9th

More of the interview where Meghan talks about Dad Woman who is 35 goes off on those who think she’s way older Piers Morgan called out on Markle treatment, walks…