Monday February 8th

SNL Recap  Teaser trailer for the movie “Old” Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol pre-game performance How to know if someone is checking you out on Zoom

Friday February 5th

Another picture/optical illusion: Big Foot or Poodle? Trailer for 20/20 tonight: Special on Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Super Bowl Food Deals you can take advantage of Billboard’s list of the…

Thursday February 4th

The monkey you need to follow on Instagram Lil Uzi Vert got a pink diamond pierced to his forehead Don McLean and Home Free record new version of American Pie…

Wednesday 2/3

Pranksters arrested for changing the Hollywood sign Brian May of Queen hops on the Sea Shanty band wagon Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad A list of Super Bowl Prop Bets…

Monday February 1st

AARP article on Tony Bennett and his Alzheimer’s diagnosis Name a cockroach after your ex Palmer  Movie Trailer Glen, Son of Chucky the Killer Doll

Friday January 29th

This is pretty similar to Donna’s car filled with acorns A remake of Fraggle Rock is coming Jeremy Renner gives a sneak peak into new Disney Plus show

Thursday January 28th

You can pre-order your Bernie Sanders Bobble Head here Kristen Stewart as Princess Di Ricki Lake’s journey with hair loss

Wednesday January 27th

Woman who walks in her sleep Video #1 Woman who walks in her sleep Video #2 Finn Wolfard and The Aubreys music video Tik Tok user misuses a cream on…

Tuesday January 26th

Madonna’s daughter debuts her Instagram account with strange inappropriate comments The Snoopy Show coming to Apple+ looks real cute! A loyal NYC cleaning lady is gifted a Penthouse rental