Tuesday, Nov. 30th

John Travolta’s daughter can sing!! Dr. Oz is running for Senate.  Oh boy. Real reason Will Ferrell stopped talking to former  producing partner Adam McKay

Monday, Nov 29th

You can breastfeed on airplanes. You just can’t breastfeed cats. Here’s a list of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals!! Matthew McConaughey will NOT run for Texas Governor…yet.

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd

Jennifer Lawrence on getting paid less than Leonardo DiCaprio 5 Chef approved Thanksgiving cooking hacks Keanu Reeves thinks you should watch these movies

Monday, Nov. 22

List of the big winners at the AMA’s Janet Jackson documentary first look

Wednesday, Nov. 17th

The most watched Netflix shows and movies are… John Krasinski would not allow this to happen on The Office The best all around song according to science 

Monday, Nov. 15th

Was this ok for Kendall Jenner to wear to a wedding?? Donna’s favorite sketch from SNL this weekend The reviews for the new Home Alone movie are in…yikes.  This Elon…

Thursday, Nov. 11th

Trailer for Oprah/Adele interview special Why Christopher Walken destroyed a Banksy original Is TSwift teaming up with Starbucks? The Mariah Carey menu is coming to McD’s Being the Ricardo’s full…

Wednesday, Nov. 10th

Cute (rare) puppy pics! These Thanksgiving staples already in short supply Billy Joel lost 50lbs!  Check out the before and after Fergie’s version of the national anthem is now a…

Tuesday, Nov. 9th

The real reason Emilio Estevez isn’t returning to Mighty Ducks Jeff Bezos’s strange threat directed at Leonardo DiCaprio The trailer for “1883” – the prequel to Yellowstone starring Faith Hill…