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Avril Lavigne ‘can’t stand’ other people doing her make-up

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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne doesn’t trust anyone else to do her signature smoky eye make-up.

Ever since she released her debut album Let Go in 2002, the Complicated hitmaker is rarely seen without her go-to eyeliner.

However, in a new interview for Allure, Avril revealed that she is very particular about the way in which she achieves the bold look.

“I just can’t stand people doing my make-up, because I know how I like it. If anything, I do half of it or let them touch me up,” she explained. “No one can do it right. Plus, I can’t sit in a chair for an hour while someone’s doing my make-up. It drives me nuts, especially when I can do my smoky eye in two minutes.”

Avril went on to divulge that her favourite eyeliner is MAC’s Smolder Liner pencil, which she has used for years.

Yet, she has recently branched out and is also using a liquid eyeliner to achieve a cat-eye effect.

“It took me literally up until a year ago to figure out how to use liquid eyeliner. It was always so hard for me. And now I can just – ha, ha, no pun intended – wing it and do it really fast,” the Canadian singer continued. “If I’m going on TV, I’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s add some sparkles.’ I actually hate wearing sparkles because they end up in my eye. I used to wear real sparkles a lot. Now, I’ll reach for a glittery, silvery metallic-y eye shadow to use instead. It gives the same effect but it’s more of a shimmer.”

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