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Azealia Banks slams Matty Healy for his controversial Ice Spice comments

Azealia Banks Performs at Pilos
Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has called out Matty Healy for his controversial comments about rapper Ice Spice.

The 1975 frontman received backlash for debating Ice Spice’s heritage as Inuit, Hawaiian or Chinese and mocking the accents of each on The Adam Friedland Podcast in February.

After clips of the podcast resurfaced online, 212 rapper Azealia slammed Matty in a series of Instagram posts.

“Does Matt Healy know that no one actually thinks the 1975 makes good music,” Azealia wrote on Tuesday, “and that he’s a lame poser with a trash cliché band name that actually means nothing and he’s clearly so pressed that a black girl who knows nothing about him or his music is making more moves and money than him. Black women are more coveted (in) today’s industry because there’s BIG BUSINESS in female rap.”

Azealia referred to Matty’s claim on the podcast that he had tried to contact Ice Spice on Instagram, but she hadn’t responded.

Suggesting that Matty was doing the “small white opinionated male musician thing”, Azealia declared that the frontman was “not a star” and added that The 1975 “is on nobody’s radar babe”.

Matty publicly apologised to Ice Spice during a concert following the controversy. However, when asked about the podcast during an interview with The New Yorker earlier this week, he confirmed he was baiting his fans “a little bit” and insisted his comments don’t “actually matter”.

Matty is rumoured to be dating Taylor Swift, who recently teamed up with Ice Spice for a remix of her single Karma.

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