Bachelor Ben, what are you doing?!
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Bachelor Ben, what are you doing?!

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Bachelor Ben is breaking all the rules.

*SPOILER ALERT* if you are not caught up on this season of The Bachelor.

On last night’s episode — the fantasy suite episode — Ben told TWO of the girls that he loves them. Both of the girls basically told him first, and then he reciprocated their feelings.

For reference, the Bachelor and Bachelorettes in previous seasons have pretty much NEVER told a contestant that they love them. We have heard that they are not supposed to “I love you” or “I am in love with you” until the finale.

BUT SO MUCH FOR THAT! We can’t complain though, because it’s only Ben that’s in trouble!!

Now he is going to have to send one woman home who he has already told he loves — YIKES — and then Jojo or Lauren are going to be riding in the same limo home, still warm from Caila’s exit.

And I’m not the only one concerned:

I agree with Sean. This is going to end very very badly.

Who do you think Ben is going to pick???




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