The 6 Things you need to know about Bachelor Colton’s hometown dates!!
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The 6 Things you need to know about Bachelor Colton’s hometown dates!!

Week 8 of The Bachelor was hometowns!! Colton went to the four remaining finalists’ hometowns.

The 6 things you need to know:

  1. Caelynn’s hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia. This was kind of a snooze, but it was funny when her dad (actually stepdad but he raised her) John asked Caelynn if she and Colton could just be friends. Poor Dad. Caelynn also told Colton she was fully in love with him. Colton asked for dad John’s blessing – the first of many asks – and got it.
  2. Hannah G.’s hometown: Things livened up with an etiquette class in Hannah G.’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Colton learning how to eat a roll was priceless. Hannah’s family was protective, but Colton ultimately earned their blessing.
  3. Tayshia’s hometown: Tayshia came in hot, kicking off her hometown date in Orange County, CA with a skydive jump. It looked like it might end their relationship, but they both enjoyed and bonded over it. Tayshia’s dad was a tough cookie, but Colton ultimately earned his blessing.
  4. Cassie’s hometown: The two went surfing before meeting Cassie’s beautiful but concerned family in Huntington Beach, CA.

    Cassie hasn’t told Colton about her feelings, and he did not get her father’s blessing. The game of hard to get seems to be working.

  5. Eliminated: Caelynn. She was blindsided, and it felt authentically sad. Caelynn posted this on social media after the episode, so it’s all for the best:

  6. Fence jumping: We’re still waiting for it. Maybe next week?! There was a hard tease for it in this week’s promo.

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