Bachelor Contestant Whipped Cream Fail
Dawn McClain

Bachelor Contestant Whipped Cream Fail

Corrine, who is everyone’s favorite contestant to hate the season,  had an unfortunate whipped cream incident last night that left her in tears.  Desperate to get bachelor Nick’s attention, she dressed sans clothes in a trench coat last night and exposed her breasts to him with some Reddi Whip.  He was sort of into it, but things turned sour when he saw some of the other girls watching.  Ultimately, he had regrets.

Corrine Whipped Cream She Whips it up

Nick Smirking He knows what she’s up to

Nick Licking Oh, Don’t do it, Nick.

Corrine Crying After the regret, there are the tears.

How long will Nick will keep her on the show for the drama?  She is the “villian” of this season.   Let’s hope we get to have her on for at least a couple more weeks!




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