The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Dates: COLTON JUMPS THE FENCE
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The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Dates: COLTON JUMPS THE FENCE

Chris Harrison’s line actually made sense for Monday night’s Fantasy Suite episode of The Bachelor. It was one of the most dramatic exhibitions of the show ever.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Colton had his fantasy suite date with Tayshia ho hum who cares they didn’t have sex.
  2. Now on to the good stuff: Colton’s date with Cassie. They were in Portugal, and everything went great. They had fun, they had real conversation, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Colton looks at the camera and tells us he loves Cassie, point blank. After another conversation with her father, Cassie decides to go home. She tells Colton she’s not in love, and she’s not sure if she can get there. Colton says he doesn’t care; she’s the one he wants, and he can be patient. They don’t need to get engaged. It’s bigger than the show; it’s his life. She says she needs to go if she doesn’t know right now. She leaves. Colton says he’s done with the show, rips his mic off, jumps the fence, and runs away. The show can’t find him, and the episode ends with a TO BE CONTINUED.

Aside from Becca/Arie break-up, it was the most tantalizing television this show has ever given us. It felt so real, and tragic, because these two obviously care about each other, but they couldn’t communicate properly through their emotions. Also, there so many other things at play — the TV show, the timeline, Cassie’s dad’s input, etc. — that are not allowing this relationship to develop naturally.

Up Next:

The Women Tell All is on tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm on ABC. We have to wait for next week (Monday AND Tuesday) to find out what happens with Colton and Cassie, and Colton and the other women.

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