The Bachelor Week 4: Caelynn opens up about sexual assault
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The Bachelor Week 4: Caelynn opens up about sexual assault

Colton took the ladies to Singapore for week 4 of The Bachelor.

In terms of what you need to know, one thing rises above the rest. On a one-on-one date, Caelynn opened up about having been sexually assaulted in college. She was calm and deliberate in her retelling of a horrific experience in which she was drugged and raped, among other violations. Colton was understanding, and shared that the first person with whom he had a serious relationship was also sexually abused. It was a serious, powerful, and authentic moment amidst what we all know is otherwise a frivolous reality television experience.


  • Worst dates ever: Bungee jumping, playing with leeches and fear factor eating contests made for some of the worst dates we’ve seen in a while.
  • Best date ever: Prior to their emotional dinner conversation, Caelynn got the highly coveted Pretty Woman date where The Bachelor buys a contestant a ton of clothes, shoes, jewelry.
  • Beauty Pageant Drama put to bed: Caelynn, feeling more grounded after her one-on-one, pulled Hannah B. aside to squash the drama woman to woman. It seems to have worked… for now.
  • Demi vs. Courtney: Courtney was feeling bent out of shape for not having time with Colton. Demi told Colton Courney was the cancer of the house, so Courtney threw Demi under the bus to Colton saying she wasn’t there for the right reasons. Bottom line: Demi won this time. Courtney went home.


Courtney, the so-called cancer of the house (probably not)

Tracy, the dark haired fashionista Demi always picked on for being old


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