Bachelorette Recap: Jordan is ACTING
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Bachelorette Recap: Jordan is ACTING

We’re through episode 2 of The Bachelorette with Becca. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Lincoln/Connor are not long for the show. Lincoln supposedly cheated to win a group date competition. For winning, Becca rewarded him with a framed photo of two of them, only to have Connor throw it out the window. Literally. Becca didn’t send either of them home, but she will.
  • Lil Jon showed up, a move perfectly captured by this tweet:

  • Colton dated Tia. Becca doesn’t know how to feel about one of the guys having dated one of her girlfriends. Her response? To address it head on by having Tia on a group date with Colton next week. #Respect We know he sticks around at least long enough to tell Becca he’s a virgin (which also means things weren’t THAT hot with Tia).
  • Jordan is ACTING, and he got naked for the rose ceremony. Wearing just his underwear, he pulled Becca away from David. Jordan may be thriving in his act during his one on ones with the camera, but awkwardness seeps in when he is one on one with Becca, as his disingenuousness is in sharp contrast with Becca’s transparency.
  • Eliminations: Trent, Ricky, Alex, who ugly cried on the way out



“You thought you were good with your hands? We don’t care cuz WHAT THAT MOUTH DO THO” – Rachel

“When there’s one woman in my life that’s how I like to make them feel” – How many women do you normally date, Jean Blanc?

“Out of nowhere, Lil John all of a sudden pops up. That was pretty awesome. Big Lil John fan.” Sure you are, Blake.

“Knowing right now how good I feel, what I really appreciate so much at this point is right now I don’t feel like the Bachelorette. I just feel like Becca, and you want to get to know me for me” – Becca, plain and simple.

“The little girl. She’s the scariest one. She’s the ring leader.” – Christon, on the handball kids

“I don’t normally go for girls who have their s*** together.” – What kind of girls do you go for, Alex? LOL

“Have a good rest of your night, ok? Stay warm.” – Thanks Colton slash Dad slash a random stranger you’ll never see again.

My 2 cents:

Jason asked an interesting question this morning: Is Becca an engaging enough Bachelorette? Short answer: Yes. Arie was a limp noodle, and Becca is 100x more fun than that. She will be great. Will it be the craziest season ever? Maybe not, but because she’s a good person, we’ll be on her side.

Another thought though is, Becca is not like other Bachelorettes. She is not the appearance first, effortlessly hot with possibly less substance Bachelorette. She is not the friend we all secretly hate. She said herself guys have never fought over her. She leads with substance, and I think this season will be more about mutual connections with the guys, rather than all of them constantly salivating over her. I think some of them might think, we don’t really have a connection, and they, along with Becca, will be ok with that.

Also, is this the Bachelorette, or a Ben Stiller movie? With Chris, the Ben Stiller lookalike, the male model references and the Dodgeball date, it’s almost like they wrote this season from Ben Stiller scripts. Merman, pop!

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