Bachelorette Recap: PLOT TWIST!!!!
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Bachelorette Recap: PLOT TWIST!!!!

There was a major plot twist on tonight’s Bachelorette!! Here is everything you need to know about Monday’s HOMETOWNS episode:

  • Garrett (Manteca, CA): Garrett and Becca planted tomatoes and a rose tree together. HOW DOES HE THINK OF THIS STUFF?! Game over. His family is great and just as goofy as he is. Oh, but this is also true:

  • Jason (Buffalo, NY): I laughed out loud at Becca in a chicken wing eating challenge.

The question remains: can Jason love Becca as much as he loves Buffalo? Only time will tell. We know he’s staying though because she’s GOTTA get this guy in the fantasy suite.

  • Blake (Bailey, CO): When Blake first brought Becca to his high school, I was thinking, “Oh no. He peaked in high school.” Not the case. Turns out it’s a super meaningful place because his mom taught there his whole life, he was in high school when his parents divorced, and he experienced tragedy there: a school shooting in which someone lost their life. No jokes here. It makes sense; Blake is pretty intense.
  • Colton (Parker, CO): They visited kids at a hospital, something Colton is familiar with from his nonprofit work. It was sweet and his family was nice.
  • PLOT TWIST: Tia dropped a major truth bomb on Becca when the girls randomly joined Becca at the end of the episode. Tia told Becca that Colton still being on the show made her stomach hurt, and that she still had feelings for him. Twitter was NOT here for it:

  • Colton asked Chris Harrison about the fantasy suite: This was so random and weird. Did Colton really not know anything about the fantasy suite? Twitter WAS here for this:

  • Rose Ceremony: COLTON WENT HOME. Would he have gone home had Tia not said anything? Becca seemed to imply so. She didn’t mention Tia when Colton left. It was sad, until you remember that we were all kind of done with Colton anyway.



“You got cool hockey mom in your blood, Beckster!” — OMG Jason 

“I still have the fear as a parent. You know I don’t want to see your heart hurt.” — Sweet words from a tough guy in Jason’s father

“I did just have my heart ripped out of my chest not long ago and it was the worst. I’ve never been lower, and this would probably hurt worse.” — Blake. Yikes…


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