Bachelorette Recap: You won’t believe who went home!
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Bachelorette Recap: You won’t believe who went home!

In addition to a lot of sunburned foreheads, here’s what happened when Becca took her suitors to the Bahamas on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette:

  • Becca and Garrett are in love and they don’t care who knows it! Pretty standard one-on-one stuff. She asked him some questions about his ex-wife and they made out in the ocean a lot.
  • Colton conks Becca over the head with his virginity: Becca and Colton went diving for conch shells on their one-on-one, and all the conch jokes became a little awkward after Colton told Becca he was a virgin. Her initial response was hilariously judgmental:

Also, this is a conch shell:

  • Blake almost had a Blake-down: We were licking our lips as Blake tip-toed closer to a Chris-esque style breakdown… and then he got a one-on-one. After the date, Becca even implied she might like him the most. Oh and the Baha men were there:

  • Shocking elimination: happened on the three-on-one with Leo, Jason and Wills. Leo went home first, obviously. Then Jason played coy, Wills professed his love completely… and Wills went home. WHAT?! We, along with Wills, were blindsided, especially after it seemed she was saying all relationships needed to be in the same place, i.e. all the guys in love. GUESS NOT. She must have been talking about her feelings?


Favorite Thing: 

MARLEY MET BECCA THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She saw her at Basilica Block Party, and hated being that person to approach her for a photo, but she just had to. I mean I just had to, because I’m writing this. Hi!

She was standing in front of me watching a show, and I ducked up really quickly and said hi.

She was so sweet and absolutely beautiful. I didn’t tell her about the podcast because I just didn’t want her to think I was trying to self-promote, but it was enough just to see her, say hi and grab a quick pic.



“You’ll be able to please her and not tease her.” – Thanks for the new pick-up line, random Bahamas guy in all shredded white clothing

“I had the best time with Colton. Swimming with him and eating conk with him.” – Becca

“Seeing Colton come back was pretty hard. She’s obviously way into him. WAY INTO HIM.” – Come closer to the breakdown light, Blake

“These other guys I feel like can offer her a nice house. They can offer her an easy lifestyle. I feel like I can offer her love.” — Nice try, Leo.


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