Baked Beans: yay or nay?
Donna & Steve

Baked Beans: yay or nay?

Homemade Barbecue Baked Beans in a Black Skillet

On Monday, Marley discovered something very troubling about Donna: she hates baked beans.

(Donna also said she never “got the whole Beauty & The Beast thing,” but we can only tackle one devastating revelation at a time.)

She has a particular problem with the sauce that accompanies baked beans. Marley is not entirely convinced Donna has had good baked beans.

Thus, two things.

First, take our poll:

Results are in!

Second, Marley is making baked beans this afternoon, and Donna will taste them on the show on Wednesday morning to discover if a) Donna has never had good baked beans, or b) she’s an evil monster who doesn’t like baked beans at all.

Happy Beans

Stay tuned. #BeanGate


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