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Baker accuses Chrissy Teigen of copying cake mix products

Chrissy Teigen Out In Los Angeles
Jordan Rondel

Jordan Rondel has accused Chrissy Teigen of copying her cake mix products.

Last month, the Los Angeles-based baker launched a limited-edition spiced carrot with salted caramel cake kit in collaboration with the TV host for her The Caker company.

However, Rondel took to Instagram on Monday to call out Teigen for allegedly replicating her concept with a range of baking kits for her Cravings range of food and cookbooks.

“Sooo this has happened. Chrissy Teigen released her own line of elevated baking mixes (pictured here alongside mine) right after we collaborated on a cake mix together,” she captioned a side-by-side snap of her and Teigen’s products. “I’ve taken a week to try to process everything and could say a lot more here, but I just want to acknowledge the support from everyone who has messaged me or commented online to stick up for The Caker. Thank you from the bottom of my exhausted heart. I have no issue with anyone releasing baking mixes, but I think you guys are right that this particular situation isn’t chill, especially because we’re just a small sister-run business.”

Despite Rondel’s issues with the new product, she insisted that she didn’t want to cause any tension with Teigen.

“Chrissy was actually lovely to work with and I don’t want this to turn into a dramatic witch hunt, I just want to say thank you to my community,” the New Zealand-born baking expert added.

Teigen has not yet commented on the claims.

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