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Barbara Broccoli recalls meeting Amy Winehouse to discuss Quantum of Solace theme song

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Entertainment Weekly

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has recalled meeting Amy Winehouse to discuss the theme song for the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the producer expanded upon a story told in the upcoming Prime Video documentary, The Sound of 007, about a potential theme song collaboration that never came to fruition.

“Well, that was a very very distressing meeting. She was not at her best and my heart really went out to her,” Broccoli recalled of her meeting with Winehouse. “She was very fragile emotionally and, you know, you understood how she could create such moving material, because she has a great depth of feeling and it was very very tragic. What an incredible talent, what an incredible voice, what an incredible person she was and it was very very sad.”

Winehouse died of an alcohol overdose in 2011 at the age of 27.

The theme song for Quantum of Solace, titled Another Way to Die, was a collaboration between Jack White and Alicia Keys.

The theme songs for the following three films – Skyfall, Spectre and No Time to Die – have gone on to win Best Original Song Oscars.

“It’s really pleasing to us,” Broccoli said of the awards. “It was so great when Adele won, and then Sam Smith, and then Billie (Eilish) and Finneas – so we couldn’t be more pleased, really. It’s been a fantastic time at the Oscars for our music.”

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