Beauty and the Beast at Chanhassen Dinner Theater
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Beauty and the Beast at Chanhassen Dinner Theater

If you loved the Disney Movie, you will love this show!

You never really know if the play will be true to the movie or if you will be left feeling like “well that was nice, but now I really just want to go back and watch the original”. Everything you loved about Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” was captured in this show. The music, the costumes and , the characters.

Remember this opening scene in the movie?


Well, Ruthanne Heyward who plays Belle absolutely nails the vocals! As soon as she started singing the opening number “Belle” I was floored at how spot on she was.

Aleks Knezevich Plays Gaston and he is a riot. He really captured how obnoxious and oblivious Gaston was in the movie.

Anytime you see a show at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater be prepared to stay a long time. I have a feeling that some kids may get restless, but it is absolutely family friendly.

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