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Beauty spot: Minimalist skincare


There’s no time like the present to overhaul your skincare routine.

But rather than heading out and trying a bunch of new products, one of the biggest trends of late has been that of minimalist skincare or “skinimalism”.

The term refers to the streamlining of daily beauty regimes, or potentially even hitting pause on programmes that involve an elaborate number of steps, such as those popularised within the K-Beauty world.

“I think people are looking for ease. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate what, when, how and why,” skincare brand founder Kat Burki said of the concept. “This is one of the reasons we created our Essential Radiance line – it’s five steps and is easy to understand what goes on when and why. Unfortunately, you can’t navigate around the need for cleansers and moisturisers separately and rarely do the two negate the need for anti-ageing remedies that deliver to the deepest layer of the skin for more meaningful treatments.”

When it comes to selecting skincare products, it’s important to settle on a line-up of formulas that cleanse, tone, prepare, and moisturise, so make sure to consider the ingredients and your skin type, as well as key actives and formulation strength.

“You want to make sure your products are nutrient-dense – feeding the skin and do not contain ingredients that inflame or block absorption or breathing of the skin,” the beauty pro explained. “On top of this – at least twice a month look to exfoliate the skin. It is important to remove built-up skin cells, debris, and to encourage new cellular turnover.”

When it comes to multi-tasking products, Kat recommended checking out her PH+ Enzyme Essence, which balances, hydrates and helps exfoliate skin, and the Dual Exfoliating Clay mask, as it physically and chemically exfoliates skin while providing softness.

Some other fantastic products to check out include French heritage brand RoC Skincare’s Multi Correxion Revive & Glow Gel Cleanser, BIOEFFECT’s Hydrating Cream, which is made with pure Icelandic water, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, as well as Wǒ Skincare’s multipurpose Daily Base Comfort Balm.

– Cover Media