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Bella Hadid clarifies joke about ‘blacking out’ at 2022 Met Gala

2022 Met Gala Celebrating ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ – Outside Arrivals
Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has clarified the joke she made about “blacking out” at the 2022 Met Gala.

The model recently discussed her experience at the event earlier this month in a chat with Interview and commented that she “literally, like, blacked out” at the fashion bash.

Due to her additional comment – that “maybe the waist was giving a cinch and I couldn’t breathe” – fans made the connection that Bella had fainted from her corset’s constriction on her lungs.

However, the star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to explain what really happened.

“To make something very clear, this is not at all what I (meant to) say,” Bella began, referencing her earlier quote. “I didn’t say I blacked out because of my corset. I joked that I blacked out, not because of my corset, but from the regular anxieties and excitement of the carpet.

“I meant more like it goes by in a flash. So quickly that ya barely remember it!”

After clarifying that she had simply zoned out from nervousness and not fainted from lack of air at the Met Gala, the 25-year-old went on to praise Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci for the corset.

“Corsets in general are pretty uncomfortable/hard on the lungs, but my corset fit perfectly with enough room to eat and drink,” she wrote. “Thank God for every person in these photos. I am grateful and adore every one of you. Riccardo – I love You amore.”

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