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Ben Affleck jokes about Jennifer Lopez’s love for Yellowstone

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Emme Muniz Spotted In LA
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has revealed Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of the TV show Yellowstone.

During an interview for The Bill Simmons Podcast, the actor/director shared that his superstar wife is “drawn to the romance” between Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) on the hit Paramount series.

“Jen showed me a clip off of Instagram of a monologue (Reilly) has in the car with the kid about the ways to become rich,” he explained. “And then (Lopez) was like, ‘I love this story of these two.’ I was like, ‘Wait a minute – with Cole Hauser? What do you love about it?’ I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that my wife really likes Yellowstone.”

Affleck, 50, and his longtime friend Matt Damon, who also took part in the conversation, went on to rave about Hauser’s talent.

The pair worked with the actor on 1992’s School Ties and 1997’s Good Will Hunting.

“When we worked with him, he was 16, I’ll never forget,” Damon recalled. “We were driving back into Boston… leaving set for the first week, driving into Cambridge, and we’re like… ‘Leaving me and you out, who’s the f**kin’ best actor here?’

“And both of us, at the same time, were like, ‘Hauser,'” he continued. “He was raw talent; just astonishing… and just the sweetest soul.”

The second part of season five of Yellowstone is expected to air later this year.

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