Ben will be the new Bachelor… We think.
Bradley Traynor

Ben will be the new Bachelor… We think.

E! News is reporting that third place Bachelorette finisher Ben is going to be the next Bachelor. ABC hasn’t confirmed the rumor, but E! News says they’ve got confirmation from several sources.

In light of this season’s completely unconventional trajectory, I’m mildly shocked that they would end up picking the oft-selected second runner up for the brother series’ next main man.

They’re certainly not going to pick runner up Nick (if indeed, please God, let it be so, Kaitlyn finally kicks him to the curb like she ought have done the first night he made a play to get on the show).

In that case, I’m not sure they have many options.

Ben is sweet and all, but I’m not convinced he’s got the heft of personality a successful Bachelor requires.

Still, I’ve been wrong about pretty much everything else this season, so don’t listen to me.



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