The best part of ‘Mama Mia’ is ABBA!
Bradley Traynor

The best part of ‘Mama Mia’ is ABBA!

If you’ve never seen the musical “Mama Mia” hurry up and get to the Orpheum. The show’s farewell tour arrived Tuesday night and is only in town until Sunday.

As a huge ABBA fan myself, I was kind of surprised I had never seen the show up to this point. I used to play the ABBA Gold VHS tape over and over in college, memorizing every song and dance move as indicated by our favorite Swedish export.

The show was great. By ‘great,’ I mean ABBA is great. The music is great. I’ve been humming it every hour since the final curtain last night.

If you’re not a huge ABBA fan, however, I’m not sure you need to run out and see the show.

Still, don’t ever let me get in the way of your musical theater!



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