I bet you didn’t know this about Melrose Place
Colleen Lindstrom

I bet you didn’t know this about Melrose Place

This was the crazy fun fact that I learned today about my favorite old TV show from the late 90’s. I used to watch “Melrose Place” religiously, but I had no idea this was going on the whole time.

Apparently an artist contacted the set designer of Melrose Place with a very interesting offer. He would supply free art and set elements for the show designed by real artists with embedded artistic messages meant to challenge and align with the topic of the program.

The set designer, Deborah Siegel said yes, and the artist, Mel Chin assembled a committee of 100 artists called GALA to follow through on this promise.

For this two year experiment, the artists would get glimpses at upcoming scripts, and would plan art that would support and challenge the viewer if only subliminally. And we were watching each week, and had no idea that this fluffy soap opera was going so deep right before our very eyes.

Link to the New York Times piece to read more in depth and I promise you will have your mind blown. If you want to see it in action, Hulu carries the series right now.




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