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Bette Midler addresses backlash for ‘try breastfeeding’ tweet

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Bette Midler

Bette Midler has responded to the backlash she received after tweeting “try breastfeeding”.

The Hocus Pocus star weighed in on America’s baby formula shortage on 12 May, responding to a tweet about the issue by writing, “TRY BREASTFEEDING! It’s free and available on demand.”

The U.S. is currently facing a shortage of baby formula because one of the largest manufacturers, Abbott Nutrition, has closed its Michigan plant and issued a voluntary recall after contamination concerns, according to a White House press release.

Bette was slammed on Twitter, with actress Julia Fox responding, “Actually Bette, a lot of women can’t produce breastmilk”, while author and former gymnast Jennifer Sey wrote, “The ‘breastfeeding wars’ are just another example of the class divide. It’s (the) elite WFH class judging those who can’t or don’t breastfeed full time.”

Last Week Tonight executive producer Tim Carvell replied, “Imagine having a large gay fanbase, many of whom are raising kids in two-dad households, and thinking this is a good suggestion.”

Bette addressed the criticism on Friday, writing, “People are piling on because of (my) former tweet. No shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can and are somehow convinced that your own milk isn’t as good as a ‘scientifically researched product’, that’s something else again.”

The actress has since retweeted a White House statement on the shortage and a tweet detailing why it’s occurring, with a GIF that reads “shut the f**k up b**ch”.

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