Beyonce refused to accept freebies from rising fashion star
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Beyonce refused to accept freebies from rising fashion star

Beyonce delighted Spanish designer Alejandro Gomez Palomo when she gave back the clothes he lent her so she could purchase them properly.

The singing superstar is known for championing lesser-known labels and has become a big fan of fashion brand Palomo Spain recently.

Proving why she’s such a treasured customer, instead of simply keeping the clothes Palomo had lent her stylist, Beyonce ensured she paid for each of the garments she kept, including one dress she wore for a very special photo.

“Beyonce borrowed some clothes because we were asked by one member of her stylist’s team and then something beautiful happened, she gave them back, and that doesn’t happen quite often,” Palomo smiled during an appearance on Spanish TV show Chester. “She did it because she liked the outfits and she wanted to buy them! She bought eight looks before she got pregnant (with twins Rumi and Sir Carter).

“I thought I was done by then, I did my job, I was the designer and I sold the clothes, she was the client and if she wanted to wear them she would, but then suddenly one day I woke up and saw a message from my cousin, she was asking ‘Is this Palomo Spain?’ with a picture that Beyonce posted.”

Beyonce, 36, had chosen to wear a flowing Palomo Spain gown in the first picture she shared of Rumi and Sir, who are now aged eight months old. She wore the dress open and off the shoulder, teaming it with a cascading blue veil in her hair for a real ethereal effect.

Sharing the image on his Instagram page at the time, Palomo wrote: “Never stop dreaming. Congratulations @beyonce for such beautiful babies I’m so proud.”

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