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Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault by nine women in new lawsuit

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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by nine women in a new lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in Nevada on Wednesday, the women allege The Cosby Show star assaulted them between 1979 and 1991. They claimed that Cosby, 85, had drugged or tried to drug them before the alleged incidents.

Responding to the latest legal action against Cosby, his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said the accusers are motivated by their “addiction to massive amounts of media attention and greed”.

He added to NBC News, “From this day forward, we will not continue to allow these women to parade various accounts… against Mr. Cosby anymore without vetting them in the court of public opinion and inside of the courtroom.”

Cosby has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 60 women over the years and he has always maintained his innocence.

He was convicted of sexual assault in Pennsylvania in 2018 but he was released from prison in June 2021 after the conviction was overturned.

Model Janice Dickinson is one of the nine women involved in the new lawsuit, which was filed two months after Nevada lawmakers changed the statute of limitations for civil cases involving sexual assault. Dickinson testified during the Pennsylvania trial that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in Lake Tahoe in 1982.

Lisa Bloom, who represented her during that case, told The New York Times, “Every state should follow Nevada’s lead and eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual assault. I applaud the courage of these women for demanding justice against Bill Cosby.”

The comedian is facing a number of similar lawsuits in other states that have changed the statute of limitations for that crime.

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