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Bill Cosby sued by five women for alleged sexual assault

Bill Cosby Arrives at Montgomery County Courthouse for Day 5 of Retrial
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been sued for alleged sexual assault by five women.

According to court documents, Lili Bernard, Eden Tirl, Jewel Gittens, Jennifer Thompson and Cindra Ladd filed a joint lawsuit on Monday against The Cosby Show star, the show’s network NBC and its production company.

The lawsuit alleges each woman was abused or sexually assaulted by Cosby, 85. Four of the allegations date from the late 1980s or early 1990s, while the fifth dates back to 1969.

Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt called the lawsuit “frivolous” and the women part of a “parade of accusers” who had come forward between 2014 and 2016.

“As we have always stated, and now America can see, this isn’t about justice for victims of alleged sexual assault, it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY,” Wyatt said in a statement to multiple outlets. “We believe that the courts, as well as the court of public opinion, will follow the rules of law and relieve Mr Cosby of these alleged accusations. Mr Cosby continues to vehemently deny all allegations waged against him and looks forward to defending himself in court.”

The women filed the suit under New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act, which opened a one-year “lookback window” on 24 November for accusers to file claims of sexual assault.

In addition to assault, the women are also suing Cosby for battery, infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment and accusing the media companies of negligence.

Cosby was released from prison in June 2021 after his 2018 sexual assault conviction in Pennsylvania was overturned.

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