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Billy Crystal is madly in love with Tiffany Haddish after filming ‘Here Today’ with her

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Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal fell in love with his “Here Today” co-star Tiffany Haddish and can’t thank her enough for signing on to play his sidekick in the heartfelt new movie.

The When Harry Met Sally star plays a writer struggling with dementia in the film and when he was looking for a comedy co-star, he saw Haddish hosting Saturday Night Live.

“It was her performing. It was her smiling and dancing and being fearless on the show and being great in the sketches and genuine,” he told California Live.

“The next day, it was like, ‘How do we get this to her…? I know she’s probably getting offered everything but this is a special movie and if she sees it the way that we see it, then I swear that she’ll like it’ – and she did,” he went on.

Haddish even agreed to show off her singing skills in the film after Crystal agreed to get her a vocal coach and direct her in the studio.

“In the movie, she sings a Fats Waller song, she sings a Louis Prima song, she sings a Janis Joplin song and totally crushes it – at a bat-mitzvah no less and then the closing (song), which is a beautiful version of a Bob Dylan classic… I just love her to pieces,” Billy added.

And Tiffany insisted the love is mutual, chiming in: “I have learned so much (from him) and I’m so grateful.”

Here Today is released in U.S. cinemas next month.

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