Billy Gilman was so good on “The Voice” last night!
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Billy Gilman was so good on “The Voice” last night!

You may have heard me talking about Billy Gilman, child country superstar turned “Voice” contestant.

You may recognize Billy from such hits as “One Voice”:

Or if you’re feeling festive, “Warm & Fuzzy,” a personal favorite:

And if you’re not already convinced of Gilman’s talent, all you need do is peruse his Wikipedia page. This kid was the jam.

Yet, as the story often goes for child stars, we haven’t heard from Gilman in awhile. In the early 2000s, his voice started to change and he briefly withdrew from music. Since then, he has released music from a few different labels, but nothing has gained traction.

On Tuesday night, NBC aired Gilman’s audition for “The Voice,” and he was just as good as he’s ever been. Actually, he was better.

My first thoughts after watching Gilman’s audition:

  1. Why doesn’t anyone know who Billy Gilman is?
  2. Why is someone as famous as Billy Gilman even on this show?
  3. Billy Gilman is going to win this show.
  4. Why am I still calling him Billy Gilman? Is he one of those people whom for some reason you always call by their first and lame name?

I was not surprised when every judge turned their chair for Gilman, and I’m thrilled he will be on Adam Levine’s team.

And with that, we can all go home. The show is over before it even begins. Miley Cyrus biley wyrus.

I de facto retract my previous statement about Gilman winning.

He’s already won.


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