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Billy Joel to end Madison Square Garden residency in 2024

Billy Joel performs at Florida's Hard Rock Live
Billy Joel

Billy Joel has announced the end of his Madison Square Garden residency.

The Uptown Girl singer announced in a press conference on Thursday that he would wrap up his residency at the famed New York City venue in July 2024.

“I’m kind of flabbergasted that it lasted as long as it did. My team tells me that we could continue to sell tickets, but 10 years, 150 shows – all right already!” he said in a statement, reports People. “I do remember the first time we played Madison Square Garden, it was the pinnacle of my career. I thought, ‘My God, I’m headlining Madison Square Garden.’ Everybody in the world knows when you play The Garden, it’s not just New York.”

Billy first performed at Madison Square Garden in 1978. He first set the record for the most consecutive performances by any artist at MSG in 2006, and set another record in 2015 for the most lifetime performances by an artist at the venue.

He has performed almost monthly at the arena since January 2014. His last concert would cap off his 10th year and mark his 150th lifetime show.

“To our audience, I want to thank them for coming to our shows for this long. It’s hard to end, even at 150 lifetime shows,” Billy continued in his announcement. “I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful thing that’s happened here.”

He added, “I never imagined anyone could have a residency here. It’s just been one crazy exhilarating night after another… To me, my band, MSG is more than just our office. It’s home. If you Google Billy Joel’s house, they show Madison Square Garden, which is kind of cool.”

The singer has scheduled 10 shows for the final stretch of his residency, beginning on 20 October 2023 and ending in July next year.

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