We’re having a birthday party for JT Wednesday!
Colleen Lindstrom

We’re having a birthday party for JT Wednesday!

So, Justin Timberlake is in town, and it’s his birthday. It sucks to be away from all your loved ones for your birthday, and we don’t want Justin to be sad, so we’re throwing him a party.

As myTalk will be broadcasting live from the AC. Marriot downtown Minneapolis Wednesday-Friday, we’ll be right in the neighborhood of the stadium where Justin Timberlake will be putting on his big show in the middle of The Big Game. So, we’re inviting him to come visit us while he “takes five” from his rehearsal, sometime between noon-3, and celebrate his big day. You only turn 38 once, Justin!

You can help! Just tweet Justin using the hashtag #mytalkJTparty and invite him to come to his own party. You can’t miss your own birthday party! See you Wednesday!

And here’s a picture you can include with your twitter wishes.




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