7/18/18 Silly invention offer!
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7/18/18 Silly invention offer!

7/18/18 Silly invention offer!

Dawn Birthday Pranked Jennifer with help from her friend Wendy. Jennifer has many ideas for fun, silly products; Dawn aka Marissa Callahan from a toy company in South Carolina calls her with an offer!

7/11/18 UFO inquiry!

It’s Landon’s birthday and his boyfriend Noah asked us to Birthday Prank him. On a recent trip, Landon said he saw a UFO; a very important person calls him to inquire.

6/27/18 Haunted hayride job audition

Soon-to-be groom takes on another job to help pay for wedding; Dawn, with help from his future wife, calls him to make sure he’s right for the job.

6/6 Kris Allen meet and greet demands! Say what?!

Lance Colby de Havilland is back! This time Jason is birthday pranking a Kris Allen fan and it seems Kris has very specific demands for his meet and greets!

5/30 Top Seller Surprise!

Joshua is speaking at his company’s upcoming celebration; he’s the top sales person! Lacey, AKA Dawn, called him with help from his bosses with a surprise guest with strange requests. Happy Birthday JP!

5/23/18 Raccoon nuisance!

Daryl’s back! Jason birthday pranked Teresa with help from her husband John. There’s raccoons at their cabin; what should Daryl and his team do?

5/16/18 it’s AJ not BJ! 

AJ is getting married; Casey is her maid of honor. AJ wanted to have a little fun with Casey for her birthday. Casey’s t-shirt order went all wrong and Dawn was the one the break the news to her.

5/9/18: Canoe rental!

Daryl’s back! This time he’s (Jason) birthday pranking Pat with help from his brother Kevin. Renting a canoe and a place to stay won’t be as easy as Pat thinks it will be with Daryl making the reservations.

5/2/18: Too many petitions!

With help from Molly’s husband Joe, Dawn called and asked Molly for help…help with a cause she doesn’t support. You did sign the petition! Dawn called her back after this prank to make sure she was okay! LOL!

4/25/18: Dirty Birdie!

With help from her cousin and roommate, Dawn birthday pranks Rochelle. The bird said WHAT?! She’s mortified. It’s hilarious.

4/18/18: Traffic ticket disaster!

Jason played a traffic cop and with help from her husband Birthday Pranked Monica. He racked up how many tickets?!

4/11/18: Banner Size Matters!

With help from her husband Barry, Dawn birthday pranks Sadie who just started a new job and needed to order a poster. She got something MUCH bigger!

Listen and laugh!

4/4/18: Spank You Very Much!

With help from his wife Faith, Dawn birthday pranks Miguel. What are these hotel room credit card charges? Shaving Ryan’s what?!

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