Best of Birthday Pranks: UFO sighting in Duluth call!
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Best of Birthday Pranks: UFO sighting in Duluth call!

4/28 BEST of Birthday Pranks: Dawn Pranks Noah about his UFO sighting in Duluth by pretending to be an FBI agent

2/5 BEST of Birthday Pranks:  Magic David

Dawn (with the help of David’s wife, Tara) pranks a guy who is very active in a charity. What she’s asking him to do is a little more than what he bargained for. Best of Birthday Pranks!

1/15 BEST OF Birthday Pranks:  Secret Room

Jason helps Phillip prank his wife for her birthday. There seems to be a mysterious secret room in their attic. Or is it?

12/18 BEST OF Birthday Pranks: Dirty Parrot

Dawn pranks Rochelle in honor of Karly her cousin. The Vet tec has some bad news about the filthy mouth on her parrot

12/11 BEST OF Birthday Pranks: Jason’s tree removal 

Jason tells Rick that he has to have his favorite tree cut down because of a bug infestation. Needless to say, Rick is devastated because the tree is his best friend. His wife Pamela is the instigation and gets her husband good.

5/22 Birthday Prank tutor blames parents

Christopher and Katherine’s kids are having some problems in school and they have hired a tutor. Dawn (AKA Tutor Patricia) has some theories on why the kids are having difficulties in school…it’s them!

5/15 Birthday Prank birthday requests

Lorena wanted our help birthday pranking her husband Curtis. They have been hired as clowns for a birthday party. Party planner Dannilynn (AKA Dawn) called Curtis with very specific, unusual demands.

5/8 Birthday Prank Mark’s 100 percent stinky at the gym!

Mark has been having trouble getting to the gym so he joined and signed up for personal training. His new trainer Galen (AKA Jason) called to set up their first workout together…but he stinks! LOL! His wife Tara and Jason got him good!

5/1 Birthday Prank Lance’s Camp Counselor

Lance de Havilland Colby is back. With help from his wife Leslie, Lance birthday pranked former camp counselor Chris. He pretended to be one of his campers in 1989. Lance’s thumb cookie business has been very successful and he want to thank him for helping him.

4/24 Birthday Prank CBD oil

Patricia (AKA Dawn) from HR birthday pranked Beverly; she sells CBD oil at work. A co-worker feels uncomfortable. “Stop selling your marijuana.” LOL! Patricia offered rehab if she needs it. Lynn and Dawn got her good!

4/10 Pay your tolls, Joe!

Sandy and Joe just went on a vacation in Florida. Joe drove through multiple tolls booths without paying and Sandy wants to birthday prank him with Julianna’s (AKA Dawn) help. He has to pay how much? And does he take it seriously?

3/27 Dandy Daryl (cable TV) Deal!

What a deal! Cable guy Daryl (AKA Jason) offers a TV and internet deal he couldn’t refuse.

3/20 Columbia House bill and it’s overdue!

Jacqueline and Brandon are happy they just paid off their college loans! It’s Brandon’s birthday and she wants Lance’s (Jason) help pranking him. Lance calls looking for money!

3/6 Guitar hero needs to practice!

Trisha wants to birthday prank her husband Mark. Mark is always complaining about the cost and noise of having their kids in music lessons. Dawn calls as Ashley, their son Chad’s guitar teacher. He’s having some issues. Does he practice? He doesn’t want to work hard. Maybe consider another program like band management? Oh, and it costs too. LOL!

2/27 Bernice’s snow mountain! HELP!

Bernice (AKA Dawn) is back! Today she helped Julie birthday prank her brother Jerry; his neighbor “Bernice” needs his help removing her snow mountain. Will he help with unique compensation?

2/13 Daryl Birthday Pranks Veronica about a gift card

With help from Veronica’s husband Carl, Daryl (AKA Jason) birthday pranks her. He isn’t happy with her recent gift and wants something different…the verve! LOL!

2/6 Ciao Jill! Birthday Prank Lance is back…with a twist

Natalie’s friend and roommate Jill wants to learn Italian and meet a hot Italian in the process. Lance (AKA Jason) is ready to teach her. But is he qualified? And no dating! LOL!

1/23 Dirty Bird

Dawn pranks a woman and convinces her that her parrot has a filthy mouth at pet daycare.


1/16 Intense personal trainer Hope

Hope (AKA Dawn) birthday pranked Regina with help from her husband Chris. Regina has joined a gym to get in shape; Trainer Hope called to motivate and upsell. LOL!

1/9 A call from the eye doctor

Patricia (AKA Dawn) called Curtis, known to brag about his incredible eye sight, with some news about his recent eye exam in today’s Birthday Prank. Happy 40th, Curtis!

12/19 Messy in wine country

Monica (AKA Dawn), with help from his wife Rhonda, birthday pranked Ethan. Rhonda is on her annual girl’s trip in wine country. Monica has some bad news for Ethan and his wife’s behavior!

12/12 Son’s doing what in his college dorm?!

Weston and his brothers love to prank their mother. This time they are enlisting Dawn to help. She called Marcy as Anna Lisa who works at Weston’s dormitory with some startling news. Weston’s in trouble.

12/5 You ordered an icehouse?

With help from her husband, Daryl (AKA Jason) birthday pranked Yolanda. Daryl called about the custom icehouse Landon ordered.

11/28 Everyone wants Amy’s dog Benji

Lance de Havilland Colby (AKA Jason) birthday pranked Amy with help from her wife Jill. Their dog Benji goes to doggy daycare and is a big hit! They want him! Amy’s in for a fun surprise.

11/21 Beard Lifestyle

Vikings cheerleader (AKA Dawn) called Rick to admire his beard, talk about a beard oil endorsement and possibly a TV show! He was being birthday pranked by Dawn with help from his wife Wendy who isn’t the biggest fan of his beard.

11/14/18 Birthday Prank secret shopper!

Maxine Whitaker (aka Dawn) birthday pranked Larissa with help from her boss and best friend Regina. The secret shopper saw Regina doing what in the bathroom?!

11/7/18 a Halloween costume mix-up

Dawn Birthday Pranked Ron with help from his wife Kathleen. There seems to have been a mix-up at the Halloween costume shop with limited options left. Oops!

10/31/18 Office Copier Situation

Lance de Havilland Colby (AKA Jason) birthday pranked Melanie with help from her friend and co-worker. It appears someone has been copying something inappropriate at work!

10/24/18 Fast texter

With help from his fiance Karen, Dawn Birthday Pranked Paul. Paul is a fast texter and accidentally texted a colleague a message meant for Karen. “So you haven’t the deal?” LOL!

10/10/18 Hand model 

Lance de Havilland Colby’s back and this time helping a son birthday prank his mom who likes to stop and buy items from the mall kiosk people.

9/26/18 Dog condo

Lance is back birthday pranking Rich! He calls to welcome him to the building and tell him his dog is intimidating. What can go wrong?

9/19/18 What’s In Your Gutter?

Dawn birthday pranked neat freak Kimberly with help from her husband David. She called from the gutter cleaning company letting Kimberly know they had to call the police. What fresh thing did they find in the gutter?! Wait, what?

9/5/18 tree whisperer Stephan

Jason birthday pranked Timothy with help from his wife Chelsea. Stephan, a new character, called to help Timothy with his treehouse. He wasn’t very helpful.

8/22/18 eBay question(s)

Dawn birthday pranked Carrie with help from Neil, Carrie’s husband. Carrie is selling a lot of items to save for a fabulous honeymoon in Fiji. Dawn called with a few questions…and a couple distractions.

8/15/18 What Happens In Vegas

Daryl is back and birthday pranking Dennis with help from his wife Carol. She has a secret life in Vegas smoking cigarettes?

8/8/18 Game of Thrones wedding plans!

Lance de Havilland Colby (AKA Jason) birthday pranked Aaron with help from co-worker Hillary. He’s a wedding planner with some crazy demands!

8/1/18 State Fair model needed

Dawn birthday pranked Melissa with help from her husband Carl. She is just getting back into modeling; Dawn calls with a job. Will she take it?

7/25/18 In a pickle…er, pineapple!

Lance de Havilland Colby (Jason) is now the head of baggage claim at the airport. With help from her husband Randy, Caroline finds out she’s being charged a pineapple fine. What is that?

7/18/18 Silly invention offer!

Dawn Birthday Pranked Jennifer with help from her friend Wendy. Jennifer has many ideas for fun, silly products; Dawn aka Marissa Callahan from a toy company in South Carolina calls her with an offer!

7/11/18 UFO inquiry!

It’s Landon’s birthday and his boyfriend Noah asked us to Birthday Prank him. On a recent trip, Landon said he saw a UFO; a very important person calls him to inquire.

6/27/18 Haunted hayride job audition

Soon-to-be groom takes on another job to help pay for wedding; Dawn, with help from his future wife, calls him to make sure he’s right for the job.

6/6 Kris Allen meet and greet demands! Say what?!

Lance Colby de Havilland is back! This time Jason is birthday pranking a Kris Allen fan and it seems Kris has very specific demands for his meet and greets!

5/30 Top Seller Surprise!

Joshua is speaking at his company’s upcoming celebration; he’s the top sales person! Lacey, AKA Dawn, called him with help from his bosses with a surprise guest with strange requests. Happy Birthday JP!

5/23/18 Raccoon nuisance!

Daryl’s back! Jason birthday pranked Teresa with help from her husband John. There’s raccoons at their cabin; what should Daryl and his team do?

5/16/18 it’s AJ not BJ! 

AJ is getting married; Casey is her maid of honor. AJ wanted to have a little fun with Casey for her birthday. Casey’s t-shirt order went all wrong and Dawn was the one the break the news to her.

5/9/18: Canoe rental!

Daryl’s back! This time he’s (Jason) birthday pranking Pat with help from his brother Kevin. Renting a canoe and a place to stay won’t be as easy as Pat thinks it will be with Daryl making the reservations.

5/2/18: Too many petitions!

With help from Molly’s husband Joe, Dawn called and asked Molly for help…help with a cause she doesn’t support. You did sign the petition! Dawn called her back after this prank to make sure she was okay! LOL!

4/25/18: Dirty Birdie!

With help from her cousin and roommate, Dawn birthday pranks Rochelle. The bird said WHAT?! She’s mortified. It’s hilarious.

4/18/18: Traffic ticket disaster!

Jason played a traffic cop and with help from her husband Birthday Pranked Monica. He racked up how many tickets?!

4/11/18: Banner Size Matters!

With help from her husband Barry, Dawn birthday pranks Sadie who just started a new job and needed to order a poster. She got something MUCH bigger!

Listen and laugh!

4/4/18: Spank You Very Much!

With help from his wife Faith, Dawn birthday pranks Miguel. What are these hotel room credit card charges? Shaving Ryan’s what?!

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