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Bonnie Tyler credits Botox for helping her look younger

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Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler has credited twice-yearly Botox sessions for helping her maintain her youthful appearance.

The 69-year-old singer consistently wows fans with her flawless facade, and told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that the paralysing injections have kept her wrinkles at bay.

“I’ve been having Botox twice a year, for many years, darling,” the Total Eclipse of the Heart star replied when asked how she stays looking so young. “I haven’t had the opportunity since the Christmas before last (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). But I’m doing all right. I’m quite fit for my age, thank God.”

Bonnie also told the publication that when it comes to her plans for the future, she intends to keep performing and making music for as long as possible.

“I’m never going to retire – look at Tom Jones,” she added. “He’s amazing. His voice is as strong as ever – and he’s got 10 years on me.”

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