Did Brad Pitt steal Harry Styles’ vibe?

Did Brad Pitt steal Harry Styles’ vibe?

You’ve probably heard that Brad Pitt has emerged from his post-divorce cocoon a changed and very stylish man. And really wants you to know it based on his soul-bearing interview in the latest issue of GQ Style.

He’s also a man that’s got a movie to sell: His latest offering, War Machine, debuts on Netflix May 26th. So it doesn’t hurt to do a little brand management by getting as honest as a celebrity is going to get in a stylish magazine profile.

I also think he looks good gallivanting across our country’s fine national parks.

But he’s also looking like Harry Styles. Like, a lot like Harry Styles.

Apparently, Styles did a photo shoot for British magazine Another Man last year with the same photographer that shot Pitt’s GQ Style pictorial…

I guess we can agree that photographer Ryan McGinley definitely has an aesthetic…



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