Brad Pitt’s speech cut off by Los Angeles official during museum funding pitch
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Brad Pitt’s speech cut off by Los Angeles official during museum funding pitch

Brad Pitt was cut off by a city official as he gave a speech in support of funding for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) renovation on Tuesday (09Apr19).

The Ocean’s Eleven star and Annie Hall actress Diane Keaton appeared before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, a governing body, on Tuesday to add their celebrity support to the LACMA team, who were asking for $117.5 million ($90 million) in county funds to go towards its lavish redesign.

Each speaker is given an allotted time to deliver their plea, and in video footage from the hearing, Pitt could be seen being told to wrap up his speech by Chair Janice Hahn.

Praising Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, Pitt said, “He is an architect that builds from the soul, for the soul. I can’t say enough about him. I see my time has expired. I could go on for another hour,” and Hahn interjected, “Thank you, I know. It brings me great pain to say wrap it up Mr Pitt. It kills me to say that but wrap it up.”

“We actors suffer from verbosity,” he replied. “I understand the decision you make is going to take a leap of faith. I ask you to take the leap of faith in the vision for the collection and the future and how we move through this museum. I think it’s going to be a gem for everyone… And I’m gone!”

“Thank you, we only do one take here. Thank you so much for being here,” Hahn responded.

Keaton also took to the stand during the hearing but didn’t have a planned speech, revealing that she simply wanted to come along and support the museum she loves.

“I thought I should just come and be part of this, I have nothing more to say except thank you and I hope that you’ll vote for it. I think you will because it’s worth it,” she said.

After praising the architect briefly, she signed off with: “It’s great to be here. Yay LA!”

Their star support worked, as the officials approved the sum to go towards the LACMA’s extensive redesign, which is expected to total $650 million (£497 million) and involve demolishing four existing buildings to replace them with a futuristic structure by Zumthor. Much of the money has been raised by private donations.

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