Bradley’s Pup-date: Sing out, Louise!
Bradley Traynor

Bradley’s Pup-date: Sing out, Louise!

I frequently have the same reaction after a weekend of eating like crap. #puppylife #cavapoochon #puppy #instapuppy

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Less than two weeks into puppy parenthood and little Louise is finally coming out of her shell. It’s been a total roller coaster of emotions having a new dog in our house for the first time, but as the video I posted shows, the experience isn’t one we’d trade for anything.

In addition to her teething bone, a fuzzy elephant and the far end of the sofa, Louise’s other favorite thing is her reflection in the mirror. Or her imaginary friend who lives in the mirror in our office. Every morning she stops by the mirror, tail wagging, to bark a greeting or two to her new buddy.

It’s beyond adorable. If I do say so myself. ๐Ÿ˜›



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