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Brendan Fraser apologises for causing traffic jam while filming George of the Jungle

79th Venice Film Festival: ‘The Whale’ - Photocall
Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser has apologised for causing a major traffic jam while filming George of the Jungle.

While at the premiere of his new film The Whale at the Mill Valley Film Festival last week, The Mummy actor issued an apology to the city of San Francisco for causing chaos on the roads while he shot a memorable scene as the lead character of George on the Bay Bridge for the 1997 comedy.

“It brought traffic to a standstill on either side of the bridge. My trailer was on the other side in a parking lot. I just remember watching the Golden Gate Bridge (sic). There’s this dummy parachutist hanging from it. I had the TV on, and Oprah (Winfrey) got interrupted because there was a special news report with helicopters saying a parachute is dangling on the bridge,” he recalled, according to SFGate. “And I’m going – wait a minute, I’m looking at the helicopters and TV – somebody didn’t pull a permit, somebody’s going to get in trouble with the mayor’s office. So, I can only apologise for that.”

The 53-year-old later added: “So, that said – my bad, it won’t happen again.”

Fraser has made his Hollywood comeback with Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, which received positive reviews and a standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival last month.

The film, which also stars Sadie Sink and Samantha Morton, is set to open in U.S. cinemas on 9 December.

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