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Brian Austin Green shares Shannen Doherty cancer battle update

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Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green has shared an update on Shannen Doherty’s ongoing battle with cancer.

Speaking with E! News on Thursday, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum confirmed his former co-star was “doing great”.

“She’s resilient,” Brian shared of Shannen. “I mean, if anybody that I know is going to have to deal with what she’s dealing with, she’s the one that can get through it.”

Back in 2020, Shannen, 52, revealed that her breast cancer had returned after going into remission in 2017. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

In June, the actress revealed that the cancer had spread to her brain.

“On January 5th, my ct scan showed Mets in my brain,” she captioned a June Instagram video. “January 12, the first round of radiation took place.”

Speaking with ABC News at the time, Shannen assured viewers that she was going to beat her cancer and prove an example for others suffering with the disease.

“It’s a hard one, because I thought when I finally do come out, I would have worked 16 hours a day and people can look at that and say, ‘Oh my God, she can work and other people with stage 4 can work,'” she told the outlet.

“Our life doesn’t end the minute we get that diagnosis,” Shannen noted. “We still have some living to do.”

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