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Brian May undergoes eye surgery to improve his sight

2019 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Brian May

Queen star Brian May has undergone eye surgery to improve his vision.

The 73-year-old guitarist took to Instagram on Thursday to share a mirror selfie of himself wearing a face mask and hospital gown and assured fans he was going to be fine.

“One Vision! All prepped and waiting… for a little bit of eye surgery,” he wrote, quoting the title of Queen’s 1985 hit. “I’m in good hands. No need to worry. All in a day’s work… it should really improve my focus – AND my stereoscopic vision.”

He returned to social media later in the day to share another selfie – this time featuring a bandage over his left eye.

“And… all done!!” he wrote. “I really didn’t feel a thing. It was all done with local anaesthetic and a tiny bit of sedation – So I was conscious throughout the whole thing – and fascinated by this amazing procedure. Only about 20 mins.

“The patch stays on until tomorrow morning. It’s an iPatch! So obviously I’ll soon have to take it off and put it back on again. Big thanks to my eye surgeon the brilliant Robin Hamilton, and my anaesthetist Con, and all the lovely folks at the London Clinic who have taken care of me so kindly.”

May’s eye surgery is the latest in a long line of medical procedures – in 2020, the rocker suffered a heart attack, a stomach haemorrhage, and other complications.

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