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‘Bridgerton’ star grateful to intimacy expert for hot sex scenes

Have you watched “Bridgerton” yet?

Bridgerton producers recruited an intimacy co-ordinator to make sure the Netflix hit’s intimate scenes were racy and safe.

Phoebe Dynevor and Rege-Jean Page steamed up the screen in the Christmas Day period drama and now the actress has revealed she worked with an expert behind the scenes to craft the “great” sex scenes.

“My first-ever scene was in episode six, where Simon is going down on Daphne,” Dynevor told Grazia.

She recalled: “It was so great, because it felt safe and fun.”

Explaining how the scene was pieced together she revealed: “You choreograph it like a stunt, or a dance. It’s crazy to me that (an intimacy co-ordinator) hasn’t been there in the past.”

Dynevor then reflected: “I’ve done sex scenes before that I can’t believe I did”, musing: “It was only five or six years ago, but it would not be allowed now.”

And she also admitted she’s as much of a fan of Bridgerton as viewers: “I love her coming-of-age story and her sexual awakening,” she said, adding: “I love… watching her figure it out for herself. She’s a late bloomer, but it’s not like she can Google it.”

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