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Britney Spears addresses mother’s claims over missing doll collection

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears has addressed her mother’s claim that she kept her Madame Alexander dolls.

In an excerpt of her memoir The Woman In Me – which was released last month – the Hold Me Closer singer recalled realising she “never wanted to see” her family again after they threw out her childhood toys, including her Madame Alexander doll collection.

After the memoir’s release, Britney’s mother Lynne Spears denied the claim that she chucked the dolls.

“I’m not sure who told you I got rid of your dolls and journals, but I would never do that,” Lynne wrote in a 9 November Instagram post. “That would be cruel because I know how much they mean to you.”

She captioned images of the collection, “Of course, I still have your things, and I am happy to send them to you if you’d like me to. Please let me know and know how much I love you!”

In a 11 November Instagram post, Britney responded to her mother.

“Mom I love you so so much, but there were 3 dolls in the cabinets when I went home 2 years ago,” the singer wrote. “Kinda really weird you would take them out and then put them back in. So messed up.”

She also revealed that she had no interest in receiving the dolls.

“Nope, I don’t want them,” she asserted. “Keep it all. I honestly don’t care anymore … honestly though.”

Also in her 11 November post, Britney remembered meeting Taylor Swift for the first time.

“During my Oops (I Did It Again) Tour, I got a knock at my door,” she said. “My good friend at the time was the assistant to my manager who was trying to become a manager himself. There was a knock, and then he said, ‘I have a girl named Taylor who wants to come in and sing for you.’”

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