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Britney Spears asks God when she will smile again

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears asked God when she will “smile again” following an incident with basketball star Victor Wembanyama’s security guard.

The singer claimed she was struck in the face by a member of the athlete’s security detail as she tried to ask the French NBA star for a selfie at a Las Vegas restaurant. Britney, 41, still seems to be reeling from the encounter, which took place at the ARIA Hotel on Wednesday evening.

On Saturday Britney posted a meme that read: “You will smile again,” before adding in the caption underneath: “When’s that God ???”

While the singer alleged she fell to the ground and had her glasses knocked off after being “back handed” by a member of the San Antonio Spurs’ security team, a police investigation has concluded otherwise.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told Associated Press the singer struck herself and subsequently no charges will be filed.

Police officers have examined surveillance footage showing the incident and concluded the images show “Britney going to tap the Spurs player on the shoulder. When she touched the player (redacted) pushes her hand off of the player without looking which causes Britney’s hand to hit herself in the face.”

In the footage, Britney can apparently be heard shouting “Sir! Sir” in a fake British accent as she tries to get the 19-year-old athlete’s attention. After accidentally smacking herself in the face, she then yells, “That’s America for you. F**k you all!”

On Friday, Britney took to social media to comment further on the events, insisting she didn’t blame Wembanyama, but felt she had not been treated as “an equal person in this country.”

“I’m not sharing this to be a victim,” she wrote. “I SIMPLY GET IT HONESTLY … my reaction was priceless… I have felt helpless in most situations and my experience in Vegas and my reaction was a cry out on all levels!!!”

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