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Britney Spears slams paparazzi for ‘hiding outside’ hotel while she battles stomach bug

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears has blasted the paparazzi for “hiding outside” of her hotel while she fights a stomach bug.

The 40-year-old pop star took a moment out of her holiday in Hawaii with fiancé Sam Asghari on Monday to share that she’s currently fighting an illness.

“I think I have a small bug,” she captioned a video of her lounging in the sun. “The only thing that is similar to this feeling is when I was pregnant … it’s the nausea that is the worst … It’s like I can’t wake up so I go to the gym trying to wake my system up !!!”

Spears shared that her symptoms have been going on for “a month,” causing her to lose two pounds, and that the stomach bug has been “a lot” for her body to cope with.

“I wake up and my body is so little yet the war dog media hiding outside my room put me on defense just like they always have,” Spears continued. “So if you’re outside my room trying to get another cheap shot of me … please go f**k yourself and leave me alone !!!!”

The Gimme More singer insisted she “should be able to run around naked if I choose to” while on vacation.

“I will say I am grateful for the food in Maui and this cool hotel … I just wish the sneaky paps would f**k off,” she concluded. “Pss … Aloha, although the paps are horrible, Maui is absolutely pure magic … Thank you dear Jesus for this magical place.”

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