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Bruce Willis’ representative denies he sold his likeness to deepfake company

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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’ representative has denied reports suggesting the actor had sold his likeness to deepfake technology firm Deepcake.

A representative for the Die Hard star issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday dismissing claims that Willis had sold the rights to his likeness to a deepfake company.

The statement addressed deepfake organisation Deepcake’s previous announcement. A spokesperson for the company said they had created a “digital twin” of the actor which had already appeared in a project.

Willis’ representative told THR that he “has no partnership or agreement with this Deepcake company”.

In response, Deepcake reportedly told the outlet that while Willis’ likeness rights cannot be sold – as they are his by default – Willis was forwarded to the company for collaboration through his representatives at the CAA agency.

Deepcake created Willis’ digital twin for a 2021 advertising campaign, and any future uses of his likeness are his decision.

Deepfake technology is a synthetic media in which a person or existing image is replaced with someone else’s likeness. Deepcake employees paste a person’s likeness onto another image so it appears as if an actor is acting, speaking, or moving.

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