Bryan Cranston brings back the “your mom” joke
Colleen Lindstrom

Bryan Cranston brings back the “your mom” joke

Here’s a little thing you might not know about Team CoBra, we are BIG supporters of the “your mom” joke. We keep it really 1990’s when we are chatting off mic.

Here’s an example:

Bradley: “Colleen, what should talk about at 12:30?

Colleen: “Your mom.”

The “your mom” joke is a classic way to buy time when you’re trying to think of something else to say. It’s versatile, it never gets old and is always surprisingly funny.

So, imagine our delight to find that our efforts to bring back the “your mom” joke has extended to Comic Con via our “Breaking Bad” man, Bryan Cranston.

An audience member asked him what kinds of things he enjoyed doing in Albuquerque when he was filming “Breaking Bad,” and he replied:

Good job, Bryan. Team CoBra applauds you.




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