Buzzfeed totally gets puppyhood (aka my new life)!
Bradley Traynor

Buzzfeed totally gets puppyhood (aka my new life)!

Less than a week into puppyhood and our lives have been turned on their heads. Little sleep, endless potty breaks and chasing an 11-week-old puppy around the backyard so she won’t eat wood chips is really all Jamie and I have been doing since we picked little Louise up last Saturday. And we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Pretty soon into puppy parenthood, you learn that you’re not alone. Puppy parents start coming out of the word work to offer advice, encouragement and frequent hugs.

And YouTube videos. Like the one a fellow puppy lover sent me earlier today. Buzzfeed’s “Puppyhood” video is spot on. And had me in tears and feels for minutes.

At least until I had to take Louise out for another potty break.





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