Caitlyn Jenner addresses TIME magazine comments
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Caitlyn Jenner addresses TIME magazine comments

Caitlyn Jenner

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner has apologized for upsetting members of the transgender community with her “man in a dress” comments during a recent interview with TIME magazine.

The 66-year-old featured in the publication’s Person of the Year shortlist, and, in an accompanying interview, the former Olympian discussed the image of those seeking sex changes, suggesting people feel “uncomfortable” if a trans person looks like “a man in a dress”.

Her comments angered many in the trans community, and on Monday (14Dec15), Caitlyn wrote a post on her WhoSay page apologizing for any offence or upset her words had created.

“I think I caused a lot of hurt with this comment, and I’m truly sorry,” she wrote. “What I was trying to say is that our world really is still a binary one, and that people who look ‘visibly transgender’ sometimes can struggle for acceptance and may be treated poorly by others. And while this may be true, it’s also something that needs to change.”

Caitlyn reiterated clothes and make-up are important to her because of the industry she is in, but she insisted she does appreciate how every trans person is different in the way they choose to live their life.

“There are a lot of ways of being trans,” Kim Kardashian’s step-parent continued, “and I want to help create a world in which people are able to express their gender in any way that is true and authentic for them. And most importantly, a world in which how a trans person is treated isn’t dependent on how they look.

“I am guessing this is probably not the last time I will say the wrong thing, or say something the wrong way. I promise to keep learning, and to try to be more articulate in the future.”

Caitlyn previously lived as athlete Bruce Jenner, but revealed her new identity as part of a Vanity Fair expose in June (15).

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